John Deere Backhoe loader Equipment LED flood Lamp

Short Description:

Location :Cab Front, Cab Rear, Canopy Rear, Stubble, Unloading
Built-in Deutsch DT Connector
muilt-voltage operating voltage range, IP68 waterproof light. Black painted aluminum housing with integral heatsink and acrylic lens. Available in medium flood 60 degree beam pattern. Stainless steel adjustable stud mounting bracket and optional mounting tabs included.


John Deere Backhoe Loader

OE number :47682620,47682629,87584890,AT323301,AT469589,
Loader Backhoe: 210K-Cab or Canopy, 210K EP-Cab or Canopy, 210L EP-Cab or Canopy, 210LJ-Cab or Canopy, 310G-Prior to S/N 003436, Cab or Canopy, 310J-Cab or Canopy, 310K-Cab or Canopy, 310K EP-Cab or Canopy, 310L EP-Cab or Canopy, 310SG-Prior to S/N 003436, Cab or Canopy, 310SJ-Cab or Canopy, 310SJ TMC-Cab or Canopy, 310SK-Cab or Canopy, 310SK TC-Cab or Canopy, 310SL-Cab or Canopy, 315SG-Prior to S/N 003436, Cab or Canopy, 315SJ-Cab or Canopy, 315SK-Cab or Canopy, 315SL-Cab or Canopy, 325J-Cab or Canopy, 325K-Cab or Canopy, 325SK-Cab or Canopy, 410G-Prior to S/N 003436, Cab or Canopy, 410J-Cab or Canopy, 410J TMC-Cab or Canopy, 410K-Cab or Canopy, 410K TC-Cab or Canopy, 410L-Cab or Canopy, 710G-Prior to S/N 003436, Cab or Canopy, 710J-Cab or Canopy, 710K-Cab or Canopy, 710L-Cab or Canopy

LED work light 4403 Flood

- Dimensions (WxDxH)106.3*79*130mm
- Flood/Spot beam
- LED Type: Osram
- Power: 40 Watt
- Brightness: 3200 Lumens
- Operating voltage: 10V - 32V
- Input voltage: 12-Volt to 24-Volt
- Amp Draw: 3.4A @ 12V & 1.7A @ 24V
- ECE R10 Approved
- CISPR25-CLASS4 electrical interference protection so great for not generating fuzz on radio or CB
- plug and play
- IP68 rated against moisture ingress
available as a 60W & 90W version