Offroad Truck LED Light Bar - N121 series

Short Description:

The right led light bar for your car in order for an exciting wilderness adventure, you've come to the right place. nokpro, you can find a night driving lighting kit that is perfect for you in a very short time.
We offer different sizes from 3 inches to 54 inches, from power 6W to 400W, in terms of beam graphics, we have floodlights, spotlights, and a combo of both, from single row, double rows, three rows to quad rows for lighting arrangement design. Some are straight, some are curv


Double Row LED Light Bar  Side braket

121 is Stright design Case ,129 is Curve design Case

- Floodlight/Spotlight/Combo Light

1. WideOperationVoltageRange: It can apply to different types of trucks, cars and other vehicles.

2. Various power, various size, can meet different demands

3. Light felling: the light downier ,prevent glare

4. Aluminum alloy steel, shockproof waterproof function better

5. Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, high waterproof rate IP68, it can be used in heavy rain or bad environment

Model No. Chips Inch Size Watt Lumen Volt Waterproof Pattern
121 121-36 3W LED 7.5" 203.6*85*115 36 2880 10-30V IP68 Spot/Flood
121-72 3W LED 13" 357.2*85*115 72 5760 10-30V IP68 Spot/Flood
121-120 3W LED 22" 562*85*115 120 9600 10-30V IP68 Combo
121-180 3W LED 33" 818*85*115 180 14400 10-30V IP68 Combo
121-240 3W LED 42" 1074*85*115 240 19200 10-30V IP68 Combo
121-288 3W LED 50" 1278.8*85*115 288 23040 10-30V IP68 Combo
121-300 3W LED 52" 1330*85*115 300 24000 10-30V IP68 Combo